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  1. emmapredovic

    Regarding work visa by SUV programm

    I submitted our team's PR paperwork and filed for the startup visa program. It will be delivered in January 2021. We also recently registered a firm in Canada. We are about to apply for a "work permit," but we don't understand the procedure. For companies like us, the procedure described on the...
  2. emmapredovic

    Start-Up Visa Program?

    In contrast to start-up visas in more than 20 other nations, it offers a direct route to permanent residency. It is not dependent on a company's profitability, but only the finest ideas are accepted. geometry dash
  3. emmapredovic

    Start up Visa Qualifications?

    Qualifying requirements for the Start-up Visa Program have a respectable business. hold a letter of support from the designated organization. and meet the language criteria. Before you begin to make money from your business, you should have enough money to move to Canada and support yourself...
  4. emmapredovic

    What do I have to send to the investors?

    If we entered the market with the intention of succeeding, we ought to spend more time gathering information and studying others who have gone before us. We should be eager to use all available resources to find solutions when we are stuck on a task. That will be more able to assist us...