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    Apply for Canadian PR as a high school Math teacher

    Several immigration firms provide a service termed as 'document review'. Essentially, this service enables clients to complete all the paperwork and represent themselves during the application process, while also having a professional evaluate their documents prior to official submission...
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    Are death records public?

    I would first try calling the Sarnia City Hall (
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    Apply for Canadian PR as a high school Math teacher

    As a teacher, you have the capability to manage this on your own. Consider hiring a PNP expert for a final review of your application prior to submission.
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    When do I need a consent to travel letter?

    Sorry, are you asking others to ask you a question (Notary related), or are you looking to have something answered?
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    What is the fastest, easiest and most cost efficient way to get my fiance to come to and stay in Canada with me?

    Researching this topic and determining the best strategy is a great idea. The big question will she get a visitor visa? Here is an article explaining this If she does get here, you are golden. You will need to get married and file an application called Spousal Sponsorship. Here is another...
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    HMPO Durham office address for support document.

    HM Passport Office INT-DAP PEX 555 555 5555 Freemans Reach Riverside Place Durham DH1 1SL UK Hope this helps...
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    US visit visa renewal - timeline for sending documents guidance

    This is excellent info; seeing all the templated messages they send to clients is interesting. Yes, to me, it reads you can do this when you get back from your trip. I also found this part interesting, "The Consular Section will not respond to any email inquiries about your case until after the...
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    There is no protection outside of Canada. The reach of Canadian authorities is limited.
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    HMPO Durham office address for support document.

    Here is the link to the address: Click here Don't forget you need to add your PEX number to the address for tracking. Click here
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    US visit visa renewal - timeline for sending documents guidance

    Full disclosure: Immigroup just started offering US visa appointments. So, this is the first time I have heard of this issue. It's a real problem; here is what I would do: - Post this question to all forum communities dealing with US visas (Canada/USA). - Email the US consulate in Vancouver...
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    Study permit

    I recommend attempting the application process again on your own. If you encounter challenges, consider seeking assistance. When hiring someone to guide you, it's wise to gather recommendations from your community to ensure you choose a trustworthy individual."
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    CTI 0001 born outside Canada to Canadian parent

    You will need a new birth certificate, and you need to send the original. This can be obtained from your Provincial Registrar General. IRCC will send you back the documents once they are complete with your application.
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    PR renewal - all documents need to notarized ?

    They don't need to be notarized.
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    Visa from PH to Europe

    This is a Canadian immigration forum community. I can't see how this is related. Can you please clarify?
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    Child passport under descent from CA

    The key documents required for submission are as follows: 1. Long-Form Birth Certificate of the child: This certificate should include both the child's and parents' names. 2. Mother's British Birth Certificate 3. Photocopies of all pages of the child's passport 4. Digital Passport Photos...
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    Scammed by social influencer who colluded with both Canadian legal and illegal immigration consultants

    This story holds significant importance and merits attention, particularly from those residing outside of Canada. Reflecting on your experience, is there anything you would have done differently, given your current knowledge? We're considering writing an article that proposes solutions to...
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    Good, always ask for their RCIC number. You can always search here:
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    Dear Taiwo, Upon reviewing the materials you've provided, I must express my grave concerns about their authenticity. I strongly urge you to exercise due diligence next time in these matters, as the indicators of fraudulent activity are numerous and easily verifiable within minutes...
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    Please give us more context to your situation. What type of visa are you applying for? What is the website you are talking about? What is your objective? If you can blank out personal info, show us this letter.