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  1. Sprat225

    Biometrics Inquiry

    I have been to Canada Last year 2020 january. My visa expired, And i am in the process of renewing it, but now there asking me for new biometrics why is that? Dont they have my FIngerprint and photo on their file already seeing that I entered Canada a few times ?
  2. Sprat225

    Visitor visa renewal

    I'm Currently outside of Canada. But I can't travel to Canada until the restrictions are lifted. So by the time I may be allowed to, then it may less than 6 months remaining on my Visa. And I'm also trying to find out the necessary steps to applying for renewal of the Visa.
  3. Sprat225

    Visitor visa renewal

    Good Day I have a current visitor visa thats expiring in like 9 months and I would like to renew it.I want to find out what are the steps required into renewing it