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    When do I need a consent to travel letter?

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    Job opportunities in Saskatchewan for Indian Immigrant

    Saskatchewan has a more limited range of business opportunities than BC or Ontario (or Quebec if you have French language skills). It certainly provides opportunities but remember: Agricultural and Energy are the main industries The population is relatively sparse across a large area - there...
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    Minimum Income requirement for sponsoring PR of parents

    Re-locating to Quebec doesn't sound like an easy solution and it will take some time. You could try it of course. Otherwise, you need to prove you have the income to support them and it appears IRCC has judged you don't. You would really need to either: Find some way (your spouse perhaps) to...
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    Canada Business Visa

    If you're serious about this, you'll need to do what's called an "exploratory visit" on a temporary/visitor visa. Go here to this government link for more information:
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    Should I inform IRCC of my common law union ?

    Yes, I would inform IRCC of your common-law union. From your post I'm assuming the following: your partner is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident you are living with them in Canada under legal temporary status you are not being sponsored by your partner However, it's not quite clear...
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    Lost Temporary Resident Visa and CoPR

    You can apply for a Verification of Status document (VOS) but you'll need a police report if it was stolen. These links will help...
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    Employment Letter needed for India OCI in 2023

    Boball, hi. This is, of course, a Canadian immigration site, and while the Overseas Citizens of India - OCI - card is a concern for many Indo-Canadians here, your question is directly related to OCI card rules for residents/citizens of the United States. Perhaps some members here have...
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    travel while waiting for PGWP

    This is a tricky question. Your status as a student ended when you graduated and (I assume) applied for your PGWP. It would therefore seem to imply that your SW-1 visa expired when your status as a student expired in June 2023. You have an open work permit and have applied for a PGWP. Getting a...
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    I would send a Letter of Explanation with precisely the details you give above in order to explain why you are not including 2018 and 2019 tax years. Place the L of E at the top/beginning of your application unless it's online and then just upload it with the other documents.
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    PR renewal during Citizenship application In-progress

    Always renew your PR Card until you're a citizen. It helps you avoid precisely the types of situations discussed here.
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    Grandparent was Canadian and 3 prior generations. Will this help me with immigration?

    If you were born in the U.S. and your parents are also American citizens then you really don't get much of an advantage although they might take it into consideration. However, the information in the rest of your application (you don't say what you're applying for - PR? Study or Work Permit...
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    Applying for PR

    A Post-Graduate Work Permit is likely your best bet, but there is a timeline you basically have to follow. In your case, I would think you would be in very good shape as far as applying for PR, but I'm not sure there's any shortcuts available.
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    Medical for dependents who are Canadian citizens

    Have you travelled or lived anywhere other than New Zealand/Australia? I assume in your application for PR you clearly identified the nationality of your children. It would seem to be an oversight so you could email IRCC and ask for reasons why. Use your online account with IRCC to contact them.
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    inadmissible Repayment/forms/fees

    Your question is not clear. Are you asking what fees you have to pay to cover your removal expenses?
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    Canada citizenship

    If you have at least 1095 days during the past 5 years as a PR living in Canada, you meet the physical presence requirements. However, if the dates you give are correct, you've only been in Canada for 2 years since you became a permanent resident and it appears you are applying for citizenship...
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    AOR for citizenship application received. PR card expired. PRTD valid till Mar 2024. Can I apply for PR card?

    Until you acquire Canadian citizenship, you normally remain a permanent resident of Canada, so I don't see a problem with applying for a PR card. You should perhaps explain your situation in a cover letter with your application for the card.
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    Othm Level 6 - Diploma in IT

    What you ultimately need is an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) which are assessments of your foreign educational credentials by a handful of officially approved agencies here in Canada. They will look at your degree/certificate and the institution that granted it and make that...
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    How to Prove Common Law

    As mentioned above, any official South African ID for both or either of you, or any utility bills that show both your names are linked to the same address. Birth certificates for your children that list both of you as parents can also be helpful. Go to this link and scroll down to where it lists...
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    Permanent resident file

    If you have an IRCC Secure Online Account you can log in and check your status - it's unclear from your post if you have done that. If you have, unfortunately permanent resident applications can sometimes take over a year to process and even up to a couple of years.
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    Applying for visitor visa - Canada relative

    It is always best to be as transparent as possible. You could list him but in a cover letter (where you briefly sum up the most important information about the visit) you could explain that your brother in Canada will not be sponsoring their stay even though you have listed him. The cover letter...