Inland spouse sponsorship info needed

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Inland spouse sponsorship info needed
« on: December 31, 2015, 01:46:56 AM »
Hello all

i am international student in Winnipeg, i have joined one year program and almost complete my first semester. Now the situation is that from next month my next semester is going to star and on the very first day i have to submit my remaining fees, but i don't have job and money to submit my fee. my family condition also not strong to pay my remaining fee. i am completely depressed at this time.

i have boyfriend in Canada,he is living in surrey. he have PR but not citizenship, he is here from last 1.6 years. He came here on family sponsorship in winnipeg but not complete his 2 years in Winnipeg and moved to surrey.He was worked as cab driver in Winnipeg and paid no taxes to govt, if he paid now is it work or not? At this time he has no job and he is taking classes for truck license so if we got married then on what basis i can apply for open work permit?We are in relationship from last two years,and lived together for four months in winnipeg.

i want to know that is he came under the eligibility to sponsor me as a spouse?
What kind of financial documents he needed while applying for sponsorship file?
can i change my status from student visa to tourist visa?
and when can i send the application to change my status in canada?

kindly help me with this,,,i am totally confused,, :-\


Riley Haas

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Re: Inland spouse sponsorship info needed
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2016, 09:47:32 AM »
Hi there,
This is a complicated situation:
I can't help you with your boyfriend's tax situation. If he can afford it, he should go to an accountant. If he can't afford an accountant, there might be a non-profit that helps immigrants with tax issues.  That needs to get resolved before he can sponsor you.
But there's also an issue if he was sponsored by a previous spouse or partner. If he didn't live with his previous partner or spouse for the full two years, and the cohabitation requirement existed but was not met, I'm not sure there's much he can do for you. He's got bigger problems and should contact a consultant or lawyer as soon as possible. (If the cohabitation requirement did not exist at the time, he is fine but still may not be able to sponsor you as yet. Again, that's a question for a consultant.)
So I'm sorry to say that, based on the information you have provided me, it doesn't sound like he can sponsor you at the moment and doesn't sound like you can apply for the open work permit for sponsored spouses.

You can, however, get a job, as part of your study permit. Did you know that?

As for your last questions: why do you want to change your status to tourist? If you cannot work out a fee payment plan with the school you are attending, this may be necessary to stay here, but that feels like a "last resort" option.

I would strongly suggest speaking to an expert. There are immigrant assistance organizations that will not charge you.

Sorry for the bad news.



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