Application for extension of work.permit


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Hi. Hope you could me with my concern. I mailed my application for extension of initial work permit last april 8, it is shown on cic website that processing is approx. 111 days so i called cic to ff up but they told me that i need to wait until last wk of december for the result. I just wanna what could be the problem/reason thats causing the delay? Most of my friends on the forum got theirs already. Im worried and they are not giving any reason as to why. Pls enlighten me and give me some possibiliies. Thanks

Riley Haas

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Did they give you a reason when they spoke to them? I have no idea why it would take until December. Did they receive it much later than the 8th of April? The processing time is from the date they received it, not the date you mailed it.


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I mailed my application april 8 and cic received it april 12. And then just few days ago i received a mail from them that they forwarded my application to etobicoke local office for processing without stating the reason and they would contact me in due course. Im so confused and worried. Could you give me some idea? Thanks