Boyfriend TRV rejected - Family ties & Purpose of visit


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Good morning,

My name Rachel I need your help on behalf of my boyfriend's TRV request.
My boyfriend applied for TRV in April 2019, and was denied for the following reasons:
-Family ties in Canada and in your country of residence.
-Purpose of the visit
We are from the Dominican Republic, but I am a Canadian citizen, at the time my boyfriend made the application, I was living in the Dominican Republic and he wanted to visit Canada for tourism.
My mother is a Canadian resident, she made the invitation letter (it was not notarized) and she was in the Dominican Republic at the time of the visa application.
The attached documents were:
Letter of Invitation.
Activity itinerary.
Work Letter.
Account statement for the last 3 months.
He has an American visa, and travel history to that country.
Right now I am living in Canada, and I wish he would visit me, but we don't know how to carry out the process to change the officers' decision and have it approved.

Thanks in advance.

Riley Haas

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If they knew she was in the Dominican at the time of his visit that certainly would have put up red flags. The invitation letters aren't supposed to be fake, they are supposed to actually detail what's happening when the person visits. So if it seemed as though they weren't actually visiting each other they might have refused the application.

If you invite him to stay with you that could work, but he'll have to prove (again) that he plans to return to the Dominican afterwards. And there's always a chance for refusal.