British citizenship eligibility?


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Hi, i think my case is quite strange. I was born in Canada to Canadian citizens, although my paternal grandparents were both born and married as British Citizens. My grandparents were born in Newfoundland during the time it was still a British colony, meaning that they were born as British Citizens. My grandfather served in the Royal Service during the second world war, up until sometime in the late 40's when the colony became Canadian. Due to Newfoundland joining Canada in 1949, both of my grandparents were left no choice but to renounce their British citizenship as they wanted their children to be Canadians. From my understanding, citizenship through double descent is difficult and goes from a case my case basis. Technically when my father was born in 1970, he was born to Canadians, but they were born as British (which i believe is the naturalization process). My grandfather was born in 1922 and died sometime in the 80's, my grandmother was born in 1930 and died sometime in 2006, around 5 years after i was born. I'm a law student in Canada and i have the intention of possibly emigrating and living in the UK, and if i have the possibility of obtaining a citizenship it would make it easier for me to live comfortably.


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I don't believe i am eligible for both the citizenship or an ancestry visa, but it is slightly frustrating that my grandparents were British and i don't have any claim to their ancestry. Is there any other way i can emigrate with the aid of my late grandparents citizen status?

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That is a really unique situation and I'm not sure about the answer, sorry to say. I'm sure you don't qualify for citizenship immediately so it would have to be the ancestry visa route. Sorry to say I don't know much about that stuff. (We help Canadians get British citizenship if they qualify through descent and don't do any immigration.

Have you thought about contacting a UK barrister or solicitor (whichever it would be)?