British Citizenship Registration


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Hello, My wife is exploring whether or not she would eligible to get her British citizenship and thus a passport. My Wife's Grandfathers (on both sides; mother and father) were born in Glasgow Scotland. Her father and mother were both born in Ontario, Canada and but never got their British citizenship. So two questions: 1) In your video, there was a slide on people born to British mothers (who didn't take their Citizenship). Does this slide apply to my wife's situation? There is a ton of information on immigration and descent etc.....but nothing on that one slide in your video. 2) Or would she be eligible through her Father's side even though he didn't take his citizenship either. My wife was born prior to 1983. Any direction/information you could provide would be helpful. Thanks.

Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say your wife is not eligible for UK citizenship. Her parents need to have been born or naturalized in the UK. UK citizenship does not transmit past one generation through births abroad.