Canadian tourist visa from IRELAND


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I need to apply a tourist visa for Canada from Republic of IRELAND .
I have adverse immigration history back in Uk. Before applying a tourist visa for Canadian i need to consult with you
i came to Uk on student visa 2011 and got overstay on student visa for many years then later i moved to Ireland with my British partner and we got married in ireland . I have legal status in Ireland at the moment i am currently holding stamp 4 Eu fam .what if i write down that i was overstayer on student visa for many years in Uk ?? you know perfectly well i will have to declare it while filling out visa application form
is there any bad impact on my application ??? how many chances to obtain Canadian tourist visa from IRELAND ?
on the other hand me and my wife we frequently travel to Eu countries from ireland like Spain , France, Belgium .but immigration authorities do not stamp my passport because of my Stamp 4 Eufam card. So how to provide my travel history details during fill out Canadian visa application form ?

Please guide me
I will be very thank full to you declarer
Many thanks
I look forward to hearing from you soon
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