Chances of obtaining a TRP with four (4) misdemeanors?


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Ok, here it goes... What are the chances of obtaining a TRP with the following record? These are all misdemeanors that have all been dismissed except the most recent one - which will eventually also be dismissed.

Year 2003 - Theft 3 - Dismissed
Year 2007 - Battery w/serious bodily injury - dropped
Year 2012 - Assault 4 - Dismissed
Year 2014 - Assault 4 DV - deferred

Thank you!

Riley Haas

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Have you ever been denied entry to Canada? Because if you haven't, why not just try crossing? (If you're driving, anyway.) If you have been denied already, you absolutely need a TRP. You may be able to get one given that the charges are misdemeanors and have been dismissed/dropped. Any supporting documentation you have about the reasons why the charges were dropped/dismissed that makes you look good would be necessary with the application.