Child Temporary Resident Visa while PR Sponsorship Application is in progress


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My kid born in USA and she holds US Passport. We moved with the little one to Canada from USA as we are holding Canadian PR. When we crossed the border my Kid was provided with Temporary resident visitor Visa for 1 year and her status expiring in couple of months. After we moved to Canada in couple of weeks I have initiated her PR Sponsorship application and it is in progress now. Meanwhile we are planning to leave country for a Vacation for 15 days before her Visitor visa expires and will enter after the expiry date. My question is Do we need to extend her status before we leave or will she be given with the new Visitor visa when she re-enter Canada after staying 15 days out of the country and she holds USA Passport?

Landed in Canada: Apr 29 2018
Kid Temporary Visa Expires: April 29 2019
PR Sponsorship Application Posted: May 22 2018
Received confirmation letter from CIC: Jun 29 2018

Vacation Planned (India): April 28 2019 - May 18 2019

Riley Haas

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No, you don't need to extend her status. She should be granted new entry when you return if she hasn't received PR by then.