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Good morning sir/ma,
I have a question to ask and i will appreciate your answers. I`m a Nigerian and my wife is Canadian. We submitted our application as an out land applicants. But it was returned back to her 2 days ago. We were told to get some more documents which seems confusing for both of us. Below are the lists.
*Joint ownership of residential property or residential leases
*Proof of joint utilities accounts
*Important documents for you and your sponsor showing the same address, like license or insurance policies, employment or insurance benefits.
*Documentary evidence of financial support showing that you are recognized as each others spouse.

We are not living together and my wife said if she wants to include my name in her account or any documents, they will need me to be there to sign in person before my it can be included. What can we do to get it straighten out because it`s the only thing delaying us. Your reply will be much appreciated.


Riley Haas

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They are asking for these documents because they believe the information you submitted is not enough to prove your relationship. It sounds like they are asking for proof of common law status, but you say you are married. Did you submit the marriage certificate?
What other kinds of evidence did you submit? If you cannot provide the evidence requested, you will need to submit alternative evidence. That's not something I know about, personally. I would suggest speaking to an immigration consultant.