Conjugal sponsorship


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Hi everyone. Just want to know if my partner and I are qualified for conjugal sponsorship. Brief background about our case.

My partner and I have been together for more than 2 years and counting. Shes from the Philippines and is married but separated from her husband since 2013. Same sex relationship isnt allowed to her home country and there is no divorce in the Philippines. Plus, annullment is lengthy and costly process to take.

We arent much worried proving the genuineness of our relationship. We have all sorts of proof to prove our relationship is marriage like. From convos, daily call logs and records, travel itineraries, making her as one of my health care beneficiaries, remittances slip, photos with her family, her photos with my family, statutory declarations from our families just to name a few.

Are we taking the right path? We cant live together for one year to qualify for common law because she is still married back in the Philippines. It is considered adultery if we do so and same sex is not allowed.

Shes planning to get a TRV next month. If, worst case scenario she get denied, is it enough proof that there is an immigration barrier preventing us to be together?

Riley Haas

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You cannot sponsor her while she is still married. She will need to get her marriage annulled OR she will have to travel to a country where they allow her to get a divorce without her husband present and get the divorce. (At least, this is how I understand it. You may want to confirm with an immigration consultant or lawyer.)

As for whether you otherwise qualify, it sure sounds like it to me. These are the kinds of barriers "conjugal" is intended for.