'Continuous' Work Experience for Express Entry


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I would like to clarify the meaning of 'continuous' work experience, one of the requirements for several of the EE programs. If, hypothetically, I worked in a job for 8 months, then lost said job and it took me 4 months to find another one, then I worked in that new job for 4 months, would that count as a valid year of work experience according to Canadian immigration? There are also several variations of this question - would the additional 4 months have to be in the same job role/NOC code? And finally, in the context of multiple years of work experience, do they also have to be continuous or could I do say 1 year of work then have a break of 6 months (or potentially a year or longer, for whatever reason), then do an additional 2 years, and that be a valid 3 years of work experience in total for my PR application?

mayera fayez

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