Dentist for PR


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Hello Friends,

I am new here. Being a Dentist wit BDS degree can I apply for PR in canada? Do I need to take NDEB exam to get PR? Im not planning to work as dentist.

Will I be able to apply?

Riley Haas

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If you want to become a dentist I think a lot of clinics will support you. You may try on because as a good clinic I heard they are very open to the new staff. I hope they will give you this opportunity. I wanted to become a dentist when I was a child but I dropped this idea when I found out how much you have to study for that. I have graduated two universities and I think I won’t be able to make the dentist studies now as I am 25.
Um, you don't have the right country.


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Hmm, then why do you need it if you don't plan to be a dentist? This`s a profession that requires dedication, so if it doesn't bring you joy, then of course it's better not to engage in it. Being a dentist is very responsible, and not everyone can do it. For example, once I went to a bad dentist, who not only didn`t help me, but aggravated my problem. So I even had to take care of the pain on my own for the first time with the help of But then I found a great specialist and my problem was fixed.


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I want to immigrate to Canada with my family. My husband is a dentist who specializes in Invisalign braces. We are considering immigration through education;


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Being a dentist is a highly responsible and hard job that requires lots of dedication. So, if you don't plan to be a dentist, I don't see a reason for you to be applying for PR in Canada.