Dependent children of a dependent spouse


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Good day all. Need help with an issue. A main applicant in an EE program received an ITA. However, the main applicant's spouse (who is a dependent) has 2 extra children born outside wedlock. Can't get hold of the baby mamas for they have blocked communication. Doesn't have any document of any of the children. Can the dependent spouse still declare them? If yes, will the proof of fund be affected even though these children are not living with the family and not moving to canada at this stage? Will the dependent spouse be compelled to provide Medical Visit form?

P.S.: These children live in two different countries. The family is made up of 6 members.

Thanks in advance

Riley Haas

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So here's the issue: does the spouse with the children intend to bring the children to Canada at some time in the future (in connection with his status in Canada)?

If the answer is yes, he will have to provide information about them and why he cannot satisfy IRCC's requirements for medicals and the like. Basically he needs to write up an explanation about the lack of communication.

If the answer is no, they can be omitted. But know that, if the kids ever want to come to Canada, they will not be able to use this man as their connection (i.e. he cannot sponsor them and he cannot be a "family connection" for a PNP, or anything like that). Forever.