Educational Credentials Assessment


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I have a Bachelor's degree from India and a Master's degree from USA. I am presently in India and trying to apply for PR through Express Entry. I got my ECA done by World Education Services, but they only did ECA for my Master's degree, and said it was not necessary to do it for my bachelor's. Now in the IRCC form, what educational history should I describe? Do I only enter my Master's degree, or enter both Bachelor's and Master's and claim that an ECA has been done for both? I am afraid that if I say one of my degrees hasn't had an ECA done on it, the application might be auto-rejected.

Riley Haas

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You get 135 points (126 with a spouse) for a Master's degree but you get 128 points (119 with a spouse) for two degrees. So you want to say you have a Master's.