Eligibility for Express Entry


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Has anyone experienced answering the eligibility test and getting a message that you are eligible to apply for express entry, but then upon submitting your application, [email protected] emails me that I am not eligible to apply. I am really confused and hope to get clarity as to why I got such message. I have a language proficiency test, I have submitted my credentials to World Education Services, I have work experience for both NOCs that matches my current and previous jobs.

Hope to have some clarity in this issue.


Amit Singh

New Member
Well, it doesn’t happen, however, if you still get this message that you are not eligible to apply. It might be because you have not met the 67 points criteria as under any of the three streams of Canada Express Entry, scoring 67 points is a must. Well, in your case, we can’t say. If you want to know the root cause of why you are ineligible, you can mail us your details on this id – [email protected].