Eligibility period for citizenship


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Hello everyone,

I am using the online calculator to confirm if I am eligible to apply for citizenship which I am now. My eligibility period is 02 May 2015-02 May 2020, I landed in Canada on 19 March 2016 and become a protected person on 23 June 2016 then PR on 13 March 2018. I am confused on one point and would like some opinions just to make sure I am not doing anything wrong, on the question did you travel outside Canada during your eligibility period ( 02 may 2015-02 May 2020) on the online calculator I said no. Since 19 March 2016, I did not travel outside Canada and from 02 May 2015 to 18 March 2016, I was in my home country before I directly travel and live in Canada until today. The calculator is showing me that time spent outside is zero. My question is, am I doing this correctly? I also tried to change my answer to Yes and put time spent outside Canada ( 2 May 2015-18 March 2016 ) the calculator still showing me total time spent outside is zero.
What do you guys think?

Thank you!

Riley Haas

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What matters in terms of the citizenship application is time spent outside of Canada since you've been a PR (i.e. since March 13 2018). Time spent outside of Canada before you had any status in Canada is irrelevant. The time you spent in Canada as a protected person without PR status is assessed as half days, as you probably already know.