Eligible for UK citizenship in 2023 but want to go to India for long term in between


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Hi all,

I am eligible to apply for citizenship in April 2023. However, I am currently 2 months pregnant and wish to travel to India by February and only plan to return to the UK towards the end of my maternity leave (probably by Dec 2023). My current rental lease ends in the UK in February and we are really keen to go to India but we are stuck here due to my UK citizenship application timeline.

1) Would I be able to apply for UK citizenship from India?
2) What is the earliest time I can apply for the UK citizenship before going to India?
3) Can I complete my application through a solicitor and leave to India?
4) My brother lives in the UK permanently. Can I use his postal address if I need to receive any letters from Immigration?
5) Would my baby get UK citizenship if she/he is born overseas while I am on ILR? In case I decide to apply for my UK citizenship in April from overseas or the UK and I am granted citizenship, would my baby be given UK citizenship by birth if she/he is born overseas?
6) Should I wait to apply for citizenship in person once I am back in the UK?
7) Can my baby and I apply for citizenship once we are back in the UK toward the end of 2023 citing the reason that I was on maternity leave in my home country?

Kindly let me know if you have any experience with such situations.

Thank you