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I obtained my PR and arrived in Canada in 2006. In 2011, I applied for citizenship after spending the required time in Canada. However, while waiting for my citizenship appointment, my PR expired, and I applied to renew it. Unfortunately, due to an emergency in my home country, I had to leave without receiving either my renewed PR or my citizenship appointment.

After being away from Canada for five years, I learned that my PR status was still active, but I was not allowed to return. I tried to contact CIC and find a way to continue from where I left off, but was unsuccessful. In 2020, I consulted a lawyer to check my status and learned that my PR status was still open with no objections or restrictions.

In 2021, I applied for a visitor visa and reapplied in 2022, as there was a significant delay due to COVID. They informed me that all applications before September 2021 needed to be resubmitted. I received my visitor visa for my first application, while my second application required me to voluntarily cancel my PR to proceed.

My question is, if I travel to Canada with my visitor visa, will I be stopped at the airport due to my PR status? Additionally, is it possible to reopen my old PR case?

I want to find the best and fastest way to reside in Canada again. I have also applied for visitor visas for my two young children and plan to apply for PR status for them. Any advice or help from a lawyer would be greatly appreciated.


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You're right, advice from a qualified and experienced immigration lawyer is what you need. I would advise you, however, that given the uniqueness of your case, looking for a quick solution to get to Canada might be a mistake. Again, you need to talk to a lawyer. Good luck!