helps in regards to apply for visitor visa


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Hi All,

I want to apply for a visitor/super visa for my mother (widow) and recently I lost my only brother. My mom is living with my sisters-in-law and nephew but her situation is very tough right now as she doesn't have strong family support. Her most of siblings passed away except one sister in India so she also doesn't have strong family ties in India. She is a retired teacher and getting a government pension and she has agricultural land and house as her property in India. Though I see multiple rejections in such kinds of cases so don't want to take any risk of rejection this time bcoz her visitor visa got rejected in 2011 when my son was born. Any suggestions on how to make my case stronger while applying in this situation.

Here's my case:

- I am a family of three, my husband and 10 years old son, and I like to apply for my mother's tourist visa.

- My mother has property in her name the agricultural land.

- She is a retired teacher and getting her pension.

- Home ties are not that strong bcoz she is a widow. my only brother recently died and most of my siblings passed away except one sister in India.

-She has no travel history.

How can I make my mother's case strong for a tourist visa?

Please advise me on what should I do to make her case strong.

Thank you in advance.