How can I reach out to CIC New Delhi Office?

Hi all,

I requested GCMS notes and as per the latest note, the application was sent to the New Delhi office for some formalities related to my medical report. Here are the notes:



Created Date: 2021/12/30 18:14:48 Created By AK00269

Updated Date: 2021/12/30 18:14:48 Updated By AK00269

Restricted: No

Label: General

Office: New Delhi


IME Reassessment has been granted and a new medical certificate with a validity of 12 months has been issued in GCMS. Should the applicant not land before the expiry of the medical, a new IME will be required. Please pickup this IME number again in order to update the medical validity on the application.

Wondering if someone can guide me on how to reach the New Delhi office and ask for an update.