How Long Can I stay in my home country after being approved for Express Entry

Davit Movsisyan

New Member
Dear Colleagues,

I have one question to clarify. How long can I stay in my home country before it becomes mandatory to come to Canada after being selected by Express Entry and receipt of permanent residence. Also after being selected is there a requirement to visit Canada at the first 60-90 days and how long You need to stay on Your initial visit. Thank You.

Riley Haas

Staff member
Hi there,
You should have an expiry date on your Confirmation of Permanent Residence. Traditionally this date is 6 months since your medical exam, though I assume there's more time given the pandemic.

Once you "land" you will be send a PR Card. Normally that would happen in 1-2 months but right now it currently takes 129 days (or over 4 months). You shouldn't leave before you get your PR Card, as that adds a lot of complications to your life. But, once you have your PR Card, you merely have to meet the residence requirement of 2 years out of every 5 living in Canada. (We recommend 3 years, to avoid delays with your PR Card renewal.)