How realistic are the chances of getting a PNP nomination (CRS 384 - NOC 4166)


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How realistic are the possibilities of a PNP nomination in 2021?
I have a CRS score of 384 only and even though I work in the technology sector, I've applied under 4166 – Education policy researchers, consultants and program officers - This being my role as a Technical Training Content developer/instructor.
I did score a CLB 9 in IELTS, but the consultant now tells me that I should probably learn French to get a few more points.
My understanding of PNP is that only if a particular province has a need for 4166 (which does not seem to be very promising), they'd look into the Express Entry pool and then send invitations based on the top CRS scores.
I'd like to know how realistic are my chances and if its really worth spending money and time trying to learn French; or should we consider immigration beyond our grasp.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Riley Haas

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384 is not great.

And you are right about PNPs, they're going to invite those whose occupations fit their needs, though that obviously depends upon the PNP.

The bottom of this article Has some links to tips about how to improve your score.

French will get you 50 points which doesn't get you high enough. Unfortunately the likely real answer is you need a job offer.