Husband work permit extension


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I am confused. I just finished my 2 years diploma and I am ready to apply for my post-graduate work permit. My concern is that my husband has an open work permit issued as a companion while my studies last. Both permits expire in November 2017 and I was told that in order to have his permit renewed I must have a job offer under NOC A, B or 0. I don't have a job offer yet. Do we have to apply at the same time? or can I apply now and then when I get the job offer send his application? If I apply, will his status change to visitor or he will be allowed to remain working until the expiration of his permit?
Thank you

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to say I'm unfamiliar with this particular situation. I was unaware that you needed an actual job offer before your husband can get an open work permit to accompany your PGWP.

But that being said, you should definitely apply right away for your PGWP. It will be very hard for you to get a job offer without one (unless you already have a relationship with a Canadian employer through your study permit). My understanding is that his work permit will not expire just because you applied for your PGWP. It should expire when it expires, and not any sooner.

I would speak to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or Lawyer about this or go on Canada Visa's forum to see who has had this situation before and what they did about it.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.