i am a refugee claimant working remotely in india to US employer full can i claim points for work experience


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hello experts please i really need help about canada express entry. i am a refugee from Eritrea living in india and according to indian laws i am not authorized to work or own a bank account as a refugee claimant i have been here for 3 years and during this 3 years i found a scum master job from an american who owns a company that hires Indian independent contractors for IT DEVELOPMENT i work 43 hours a week and because i am not authorized to own a bank account , the owner of the company from USA sends me money through moneygram and western union i have all the receipt though not the full salary because sending the full salary would require i have a bank account to receive such an amount. my worries
1) if am to apply for express entry as a scrum master giving i work remotely from india do i put the company location as india or usa? because i have not been to usa so i get confused
2) paying me through western union and moneygram the first time was held so the subsiquent times we just said the purpose is for help or family but the sender is the ceo of the said company does this post any problems? however most recently we found a way and the past two months she is paying me directly through my bank account in my home country and i receive here through ATM