imm 5556E: Open work permit along with Spousal sponsorship


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I landed as a PR in 2017 and my wife is here with me on a visitor visa and we are prepping to apply for her sponsorship+OWP. I have pretty much completed filling out the inland spousal sponsorship application and attaching the work permit application along with it. Firstly, shortlisting what application forms were exactly needed for this purpose was in itself an ordeal, because CIC kept redirecting me to closed work permit applications.

so far I have figured out that IMM 5710e is the OWP form and IMM 5556e is the checklist for the OWP application (not including representative, common-law union, and authorized personnel forms)

in 5556e there are many documents asked for, depending on the applicant's situation. my confusion is that in my wife's case where its an open work permit application with me, being a PR sponsoring her, what category would she fall under as I do not see an IF YOU ARE A WIFE OF A PERMANENT RESIDENT category.

1. is it sufficient to attach 5710e, 5556e, passport page copies, immigration document (visitor visa copy), and a marriage license?
2. we took a set of photographs for her application purpose but they are 4 months old now, do I need to take a fresh set of photographs before applying?

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To answer #2 I don't think you do unless her appearance has changed a lot (like a really different haircut).

Is question 1 about the work permit application?