Implied status not clear


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My daughter graduated Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene and was working while awaiting the approval of her work visa. Well she was considered to be on an IMPLIED STATUS and crossed the boarder for 2 hours to get her GF from Bellingham Airport. They informed her at the boarder not to work or she could be arrested. Any comments or suggestions for her?

Riley Haas

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So, your daughter had implied status as a student and, depending on when she got her study visa, as a part time worker. It's a grey area within the immigration rules as to whether or not she could have kept working (part time) after graduation. Lots of people do it but there's not offical rule that says it's either acceptable or not.
However, once she left the country she lost her implied status. She has now been readmitted as a visitor only and cannot work until that work permit is approved.
Does that make sense?