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My wife, son and I are considering moving to the U.K. We currently live in Canada. Just looking trying to gather some initial information so any assistance/information would be greatly appreciated. I was born in England and emigrated to Canada with my parents when I was 5 (1978). My wife has a British grandparent but she was born in Canada, Would we be able to move to U.K. in this scenario or does my wife need to obtain citizenship?


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You can move to the UK, but your wife and kids must apply for an immigration program. Here is the official website:

Here are some of the requirements: Click here

It is unlikely your wife will get a British passport because of her grandparents. You can try if the grandfather served in the military (most men of that time did).

Do some more research, and maybe talk to an immigration lawyer in the UK.

P.S. also, here is a good resource talking about British Passports: