Inland vs Outland Family Class sponsorship


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I am a Canadian Citizen - moved with my family from overseas to Canada back in July/19 - rented a house & bought a car and my kids went to school ( all Canadian) - my wife is on a visitor visa - I am planning to apply for inland sponsorship (family class) - I opened a tutoring business in Canada and have couple clients so far - I travel overseas because I still work & study there - I go back to Canada every 4 months for a month or 2 - am I considered resident and should be eligible to apply inland ? or I should I apply outland ? – the reason I am confused because I work outside
There is one major difference between inland and out-land sponsorship: where your spouse is currently residing.
If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen looking to sponsor someone who is not currently living in Canada, then you can apply for the out-land sponsorship stream.

It doesn't matter if you earn income from overseas projects as long as you pay taxes under Factual residents of Canada category taxation