International Student(temporary resident) of Canada wants to call spouse

Amy bayer

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I am a recent international student, temporary resident here at Canada (British Columbia) all the way from Pakistan, and i want to call my spouse here too. but here are certain things which i want to inquire about:
1. I got married after i had applied for my visa, so in cic documents i am not mentioned as married.
2. Also i lack funds like i don't know how much money are minimum for calling spouse here as temporary resident.
3. Also we were married in some quick circumstances and without our family will, so i lack the pictures of marriage ceremony,and pictures with friends etc however i do have our other pictures together.
4.What way and process should i be adopting? Like should my husband come only on visiting visa or work visa and then we declare our marriage or should i apply for calling my husband and then which checklist of documents to follow.

Amy Bayer

Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions.
1. It happens. You are allowed to change your marriage status. The thing is that you are a temporary resident and cannot sponsor your husband to come here. He will have to apply for an open work permit from Pakistan.
2. It's your husband who will have to show proof of funds. He will be applying, not you. I believe it is around $11,000.
3. He will need to provide a certified copy of your marriage certificate with a translation. You are not sponsoring him, so you do not need pictures.
4. He should apply for an "open" work permit because he has a spouse in Canada.

Hope this helps.

Amy bayer

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OK!! thank-you so much for your reply. Yes i think i have got a clear picture of the whole scenario.

Thank-you once again.