Job opportunities in canda for food technologist


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Hi , iam planning to apply for ee with me my wife n my daughter. i just wanted to know how are job opportunities related to food science and technology in Canada if anyone who is already working in food industries and who landed in Canada on EE pls help me to know how big is the risk to immigrate since I have been workin in my field for almost 10 years but since we require Canadian experience all my experience gained in home country won't b counted during pls let me know should I take the risk and apply for Canada

Riley Haas

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The thing about Canada is that it is the second largest country in the world. The job market is very different in various parts of the country. So one region could be desperate for food technologists and another region could have no need.


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Thank you Riley
Do you have any info about regions in Canada where food manufacturing companies are mostly based or are more prominent or is there any way I can get info about job scenarios and effect of covid in this sector??