Job opportunities in Saskatchewan for Indian Immigrant

Ankit Nirman

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I am planning to migrate to Saskatchewan on a permanent residence visa through SINP. I've been getting numerous positive and negative feedbacks specifically around the lack of job opportunities in Saskatchewan.

I would like to understand if the job opportunities are actually disappointing in the location. If so, what's the best possible way to sustain there without the risk of coming back to India.

Also, how is Saskatchewan ranked across other provinces in terms of job opportunities on a scale of 1 to 10 in relation with other provinces. (If someone is applying only for PNPs).

My profile is Business Development Management.



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Saskatchewan has a more limited range of business opportunities than BC or Ontario (or Quebec if you have French language skills). It certainly provides opportunities but remember:
  • Agricultural and Energy are the main industries
  • The population is relatively sparse across a large area - there are no Toronto's or Vancouver's or Calgary's.
  • However, there are opportunities. You have to dig a little deeper to find them.