Living in Canada with an expired PR card for more than 3 years.


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I came with my family to Canada 20 days before the PR card expires in August 2017. We do not meet the residency requirements as we have only stayed in Canada for 1 month in the last 5 years. After we stayed in Canada for 2 years with an expired PR card we applied for the PR card renewal and it’s under process for more than 18 months. What is our chances that they renew the PR cards?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

Riley Haas

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So, before the pandemic started, it's likely your status was being investigated. Usually that happens when you just barely meet the residency requirement. (Immigroup recommends 3 years in Canada to avoid investigation.) But the pandemic through everything into disarray. It's really hard to know how long anything takes now (at least double normal time, it seems).

Because it's been so much longer than the usual processing time, you can contact IRCC by phone (1-888-242-2100) or online in order to check on the status. You may not get much information though.