Long term, full time job offer for nominee program


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Can anyone tell me if a permanent, long term, part time job offer still qualifies for this section of the application? The reason is, my job is part time and on the offer the hours are a little less than 30 hours a week but I do work more than 30 hours a week because of extra shifts available.

I just want to know if I will be an issue because i do have the hours but the offer states less.
Information provided is limited. Need detailed information like the province where you stay, and the job sector in which you are employed. Canada Immigration is provided on the basis of profile points.


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Hello, sorry for the late response. I was hoping that would be enough Riley but I was hesitant because I'm scared they might not accept the letter of explanation.

John, I am in Manitoba and employed in the health sector. The job offers are a percentage of full time, so my offer is 60% of a full time but I have worked over 780 hrs in 6 mths ( 780hrs in 6mths = 30hrs/wk according to immigration). Hrs worked in health are calculated biweekly, not weekly.
Hi Rosey, Your application status change depending on your type of employment, so it’s important to be aware exactly what it means to be a part-time or casual worker.
A permanent part-time employee is someone who works regular and ongoing hours, but fewer hours a week than someone working full-time. Your work hours are not as issue now as it approx 30hrs/week.
In Manitoba province Job Demand list HEALTH OCCUPATIONS are on 3rd in the List. The List is topped by Business, finance, administration occupations and followed by Natural and Applied Sciences Occupations.
If your profile points are more than 500 then apply for Manitoba Province or give preference to Other province where Health Occupations are in first and second spot to have better chances of getting a visa.


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Hi John, thanks for the info. I am a permanent part time, not casual. I do have 560 with the MPNP and because I have started the process of getting back into nursing in this province then I kinda have to stick to it because if i move now then I will have to start all over again and its too expensive to do that.
I really appreciate the info.