Lost passport and citizenship certificate


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My friend is a U. S citizen. Her parents were born also in the U. S. They emigrated successfully to Canada in 1963 and obtained permanent residency status. My friend was born in the U. S in 1961. The mother applied for legal status for her daughter (my friend) in 1971. From the age of 10 to 32, my friend lived and worked in Canada. At age 32, my friend (who I'll call Kerri), went back to live in the U. S. A. She is now 57 and wishes to live with her father, back in Canada. She has misplaced her Canadian passport and (not recollecting if she had it, her citizenship certificate). The mother is deceased. Kerri has in her possession, a U. S passport, birth certificate and marriage certificate (the 2 latter show proof of parentage on them). She wants to live and work legally in Canada. What is the right way to proceed? Thank you. Paul.

Riley Haas

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Hi Paul,
She needs to replace her citizenship certificate if she can't find it or her passport. Because she naturalized (I'm assuming that's what happened in 1971), the proof of parentage is of no use, she'll need the citizenship certificate.

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