Mitacs 2016


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I have been selected for mitacs 2016. I have to obtain a work permit LMIA exemption for these three months which is controlled by Mitacs as an employer during the internship. My professor at UBC has agreed to extend the research work time to six months. So i am confused whether i can get a visa for six months at once from here, in India. or i have to apply for three months initial work permit for mitacs and then renew it for next three months from there at UBC, Vancouver? Will it be viable keeping in mind the processing times regarding work permit. I have acceptance and financial help letter from both Mitacs and my prof.

Riley Haas

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My understanding is that, if you are approved for the work permit, you will be granted the visa at the same time (otherwise you wouldn't be able to come here for work). Does that answer your question?