My wife's grandmother was born in Canada.


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I'm from Brazil and I need some help to find out if this is possible:

My wife's grandmother was born in Canada and unfortunately she is already dead and
my wife's father did not regularize the documents to have Canadian citizenship while she was alive.

My doubts are:
- Is it still possible for my wife one day to have Canadian citizenship?

- Does her father need to have Canadian citizenship, and then she can try to apply?

- If she has any chance, could you tell me where to start?

Thank you,
Best regards!!

Riley Haas

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So the issue is that Canada's citizenship rules changed in 1977 so her father is likely affected by the old rules, which could mean he's not eligible but the only way she is going to find out is if they try.

So, first, her father has to apply for his citizenship certificate, using his mother's birth certificate and his own birth certificate with her name on it (the latter will need to be translated and notarized).

Once her father has the citizenship certificate - if he can indeed get it - she can apply for hers. Once she has her certificate, she can apply for a passport.

Hope this helps.