Need Help w/ Citizenship app for my American Children


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This is year 2 I've been working on this... I live in the USA & myself & my husband naturalized to be US Citizens 3 years ago. I am still a CND citizen with a valid passport. I have been trying to get answers on applying for citizenship certificate for my 2 American born children. I thought I finally had all the correct documentation & mailed off the applications. Of course they returned my applications stating missing information etc etc. Here are my questions regarding scenario #3 in "Document Checklist, Additional documents:
- One of the many things I have to return with my application is a "Certified Copy of Birth Parents (me & hubby) Birth Cert. What is a certified copy? Is this where I have to apply to Ontario for a certified copy of my birth cert. to send them? I have my original!
-The original copy of our Citizenship/Naturalization Cert.. Not sure why they need our USA Naturalization cert. Am I reading that correctly??
Please please please help me. I visit Ontario each summer with my kids & we have visited passport offices etc etc to get a true understanding of what I have to apply for & nobody EVER can give me an answer.
Thanking you in advance for your help!

Riley Haas

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Ontario may issued certified true copies but a certified copy is usually a copy notarized by a Notary to say it is a a true copy of the original document. They don't want your original because they will not return your birth certificate to you, so they want a copy, but it must be certified.

The question about citizenship/naturalization is for Canadians who naturalized as citizens, so it doesn't apply to you. They do not need or want your US citizenship information.

Let me know if you have other questions.