New work permits under public policy which ends in February 2022.


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I arrived in camada in last year November with a visitor visa and got a job with am IT firm here in canada I have applied for work permit (employer specific work permit) under the Temporary Public Policy to Exempt Certain Visitors in Canada from Immigration Requirements during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Immigration is yet to treat my application for almost a month. My employer want me to start as soon as possible. What must I do to get start since I have not been here in the last 12 months can not apply for work authorisation pending my decision? It urgent please.


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Canada is among the first nations to implement an immigration system based on points as early as 1967. To be eligible for permanent residence in Canada, the applicant must score a satisfactory score using Canada PR Points Calculator. Canada PR Points Calculator. Also, it is known by the Comprehensive Ranking System (C.R.S.C.R.S.). C.R.S.’sC.R.S.’s Express Entry Points are used to score and assess your profile and place it within the Express Entry pool. Education, qualifications proficiency, educational qualifications, Language working experience, and other elements are among the factors that affect the C.R.S.C.R.S. score.