Offer letter to Support Express Entry


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I want to support an individual to get into Canada through express entry... I can assist by hiring the individual, which I am willing to do as we need this skillset, and I know this individual will be an asset to our organization.

My organization is registered in Alberta for the last 3 years; we had $120k in revenue (provided IT services) in 2021. Expenses were about $50k, and the rest were divided among the directors. We don't have any employees on the payroll... This year, we are anticipating to have $300k in revenue but won't have anyone on the payroll as the directors do the work, and then they get Dividends/T5s

Do you think our offer letter can assist this individual?

Please advise



Toronto, Ontario
Well, if you can get this person a work permit first, it would be a big help, BUT this will not be easy. First, you will need to prove that you have exhausted all avenues to fill this position locally. If you can prove this first part, you can move on to the next, and file the application (labour market impact assessment) The big issue I see in your case is your firm is small, and small firms are taken less seriously (prone to higher amount of refusals).

Again, I don't think a letter on its own would be a great impact, but keep researching, I could be wrong.

P.S. Be careful dealing with immigration firms to solve this problem for you. I see ridiculous pricing (example: $7000) with poor outcomes. I do think a paid consultation with a real expert has value.