Old and new passports place of birth mismatch


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Hi all,

I'm an Italian citizen, and have been living in Canada for more than 4 years now. I became PR on January 2020, and I've recently started gathering documents and preparing my citizenship application.

While renewing my Italian passport last December, I noticed that the Italian officer who originally issued the passport mistakenly used my place of residency as my place of birth.
Despite having had that passport for almost a decade, I've never noticed the error as it's the town where I lived all my life in Italy before moving to Canada.
The newly issued passport correctly shows my place of birth but I'm now concerned about applying for the Canadian citizenship and provide two documents with two different places of birth. Also the record of landing states the wrong place of birth as well as it was tied to my old passport.
To provide a bit more context, the two towns are in the same municipality and next to each other, like for example Vancouver and Burnaby.
I was born at the hospital in town A and lived all my life in town B, but my old passport says that I was born in town B :)

What are my options here?
Should I attach to the application an affidavit of an official Italian document stating my place of birth?
My Italian national ID shows the correct place of birth, can I also perhaps attach a copy of that?


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Yes, this is a pain, on your future Canadian passport you will have your place of birth (country and city).

I can think of a few things you can try:

- Call Passport Canada because they are easy to get a hold of (IRCC is useless at the moment), and see what they have to say.
- File your Right of Citizenship application BUT with a letter of explanation: https://www.immigroup.com/topics/letter-of-explanation-immigration/
- After you have filed the Right of Citizenship, try fixing the document mistake.

All other options you bring up are worth a try.

Sorry, I am not a document expert.


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Hi @canadageorge, thanks for your response!
I’ve also realized that I have a copy of my police certificate records (translated by a certified translator), needed for the permanent residency, that have the correct place of birth. Can I perhaps attach those as well?
An additional detail, on Italian passports there are indicated both the city and the municipality and I wonder if that’d be helpful.
In my case for example, the two places of birth are indicated as follow
Milano (MI) and Rozzano (MI) where MI is the municipality (Milano).