ON Work Permit Support Letter & PR Filing

SSaib 2

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Hello Experts,
Please advise on the following...
- Got a Work Permit Support Letter from Ministry of Labour, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Division in February 2020; with a validity of 6 months(August). Also received Confirmation of Nomination from Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program with an expiry date of August 2020. The documents were to be used to apply for a work permit, but because of Covid the process wasn't initiated.

- In the meantime in May 2020, per discussion with the lawyer a PR application was filed.

- As the 6 month deadline is approaching this month, I will like to get an extension on the Work Permit Support Letter. And hopefully as the thing settle down with COVID over the next few months I can apply for my Work Permit and move in. But as per my lawyer, because we filed a PR application we cannot request another WP support letter or get an extension to get a WP.

Please advise if that it is correct. If so, is there a way around this? I will like to move in on a Work Permit rather than waiting outside Canada for completion of Permanent Residency process.

Please advise!!!


Riley Haas

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I'm sorry to say I have no idea if this is correct. Can you ask your lawyer for the page online you can read the policy? Another thing you could do is contact the OINP directly and ask if it's true.


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Hello, I have a similar situation. Can I apply for an extension of the work support letter after the expiry of 6 months? My PR application was filed in April 23 and is still under process.