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e b vasudevan

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Chenny. India
need your guidance and to renew my PR card

My PR card issued on 27/07/2015 and expiring on 14/09/2020

I have completed 540 day residential obligation. Though my PR card issued on 27/07/2015, I was at canada (under visiter visa) from 08/04/2015 there i got

PR approvel and medical at canada during my.staty. After medical i went US border and entered Canada on27/07/2020 .Now i cannot comply RO short of


MY questions are

1 Whether I will be allowed to enter Canada during Auguest 2020 as i have not completed 730 days for RO ( only 540days stayed in canada) only 30

40 days only i can stay. There is no time.. Due to Corana i could not travel

2 Difference of 90 days between real landing date (08/04/2015 on visit visa and PR landing date 27/07/2015} can be taken into account R O

3 Further I stayed in Canada in visitor visa for 6 months from 25/03/2011 to 03/09/2011 ( 50% of stay before becoming PR can be considered if it is


4 My health card now valid or not

Kindly guide me

Thanking you


Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions:
  1. It depends. There are a couple of possibilities.
    1. They discover you cannot meet the residence requirement in time and revoke your PR status on the spot.
    2. They discover you have not met the residence requirement but let you in. When you do apply for a new PR Card, you are granted one only for a year or two.
    3. They either don't discover you won't meet the requirement or do discover it but don't care, and let you in. When you renew you are still granted a new 5-year Card (provided you wait to renew and don't leave again after 40 days).
  2. The date your PR Card was issued is the date that matters.
  3. No, visiting in Canada in 2011 has nothing to do with this. You're thinking of citizenship applications, I think. Even then, those days would have to be more recent than 9 years ago.
  4. Your provincial health insurance requires residence in the province. If you've been gone for more than 3 months it's very likely you do not have any coverage right now.
Hope this helps.