PGWP application without transcript


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My study permit expires on 31st August 2020 and final exams on 12th August. My concern is that I wouldn't be able to get grades until the 1st week of September and consequently I won't be able to apply for PGWP.

I have been reading on many forums that IRCC has become lenient during COVID 19 pandemic and is allowing incomplete applications with an explanation letter and later send the missing documents via WebForm. My question is how much of an incomplete application is acceptable. I think I won't be able to get my final grades before my study permit expires, so can I submit PGWP application without both the transcripts and Letter of Degree Completion with an explanation letter stating that I'll submit the docs as soon as I have them.

At this point, I believe there is no point in asking for study permit extension as it is taking 4-5 to process the application. How should I tackle this situation?