PGWP length for Masters with 1 year academic + 1 year co-op


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I have an offer from University of victoria, MEng masters in applied data science.
Program length = 1 year (3 academic terms)
followed by optional 1-3 co-op/internship terms (total of max 1 year).

Will My PGWP be based only on an academic term(1 year) or total length of academic + work terms (1+1 year)?

Riley Haas

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Good question. Well it's up to the person reviewing your file but I would guess the internship could qualify as school if it's unpaid (or there is just a small stipend or something). The issue, I think, is that it's optional. If it was mandatory I think it would absolutely count towards how long your course of study is.


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Internships are completely optional at school. You can choose a location that works for you elsewhere. However, when you practice at your place of study, you will often be appreciated for your grades.