PGWP Reconsideration


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Hi Everyone,
I was hoping for any of your insights/advice in my current situation.
I finished 18 months Masters program and this was delivered through fast-track 1 year program on campus without break.
Upon finishing my Master in May 2020, I applied for PGWP right away. I just got approval today but it was only approved for 1 year work permit.
As you might already know, 1 year PGWP is really tight and doesn't give enough time to Express Entry. I have seen many of my colleagues who took the same program receiving up to 3 years if not and they weren't lucky they still at least got 18-24 months of PGWP. I am only one in our international student with 1 year PGWP - the shortest one. I am considering to ask IRCC for reconsideration of my PGWP application, and was hoping if anyone had any luck on reconsideration process.
Please kindly share your experiences if there is any!
Thanking you in advance for all your advices!

Riley Haas

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Certainly there's no harm in trying. But you should try to find someone who's done this before, successfully, and see if they can give you any pointers.