Pharmacy Degree Educational Credential report


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Hi All
I have a degree in Pharmacy which is of 5 years. Under the express entry Pharmacy is considered a professiona degree and is given points of Master.
I connected with the Pharmacy education canada board to confirm what sort of equivalnacy do they give to a pharmacy degree of 5 years not done for Canada.
They confirmed they give it a bachelor of 4 or max 5 years. My question here is. When we are creating express entry profile, under the option of edcuation level. Do i select master degree / professional degree or will i select bachelor degree of 3 years or more.

The confustion is the the ECA report from PECB will state Bachelor of 4/5 years. If i select professional degree will i get points for Masters; or does it mean i have to come to Canada give my pharmacy exams get a license and then i can selection professional degree. Your thoughts will be appreciated